My favorite places

4568697068_0fb2356a40_z picture from flicker by: Jim

        One of my favorite places is the Jersey Shore. This is one of my favorite places because when my grandma was alive, she went every year with us but, unfortunately, she died a few weeks before we went. Today we go every year and celebrate her death with lanterns or some other really cool thing, but we remember to have fun even when she isn’t there with us because that is what she probably would want us to do. We build castles and invite family over to enjoy the fun with us. We usually boogie board a lot during the day because it is very hot, we also go to the board walk. If you do not know what a boardwalk is then I will tell you. It is a long walkway made out of wood that has restaurants, desserts, games, and rides. You have a lot of fun things to do there.It is a wonderful place and if you want to visit there sometime you have to go to New Jersey.

4 thoughts on “My favorite places

  1. Dear Jim,
    I really like this picture it goes with the story as well. I think you did a great job on this post!I really liked how you worded it! 🙂

  2. I am sorry for your lost.But it seems like a very good place to visit. What kind of rides are there and what kind of restaurants are there. Here is my blog site check it out .

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