My Part

            In my community everyone is created equally and shows acts of kindness to each other. We all have respect for others properties and families. We are involved in a lot of sports and after school activities like soccer ,dance ,basketball, pizza and pages , and etc. because we are a large community so we have a lot of entertainment.I,myself, am included in some of these activities like soccer and dance. As you can see I am a very sporty person. I go to school at Gray Middle School and all the teachers are so nice. They care about you a lot and can really make your day. Some good things about living in a community are, you can make a dog walking business an you can make money from that or if someone runs you over they can get sued so they are most likely to stop, that is good because then you will not get run over. Some bad things about living in a community is  you have to pay about $450 every year ,in my community at least. Another bad thing about living in a community is you have to live by certain rules and laws.

       Some community networks online that help you communicate ,or keep in contact,like Facebook ,Instagram, Twitter, and Minecraft. 

 There are also some local community groups like girl scouts or the Green Team ,where you recycle all the trash around you. It helps your community clean and your county. You can be helpful in many ways if you believe in yourself and do what your told so you don’t get in trouble.Also remember your not always going to be right , so don’t talk back to your parents because you live in a beautiful community because of them. So don’t take things for granite. Hope you learned something and liked it. Comment below for more!!

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