Let’s Go Outside

Hi everyone! Today I want to talk about how the school should give us recess. It is important to get your daily exercise because , as you know, half of the kids here do there homework and then play video games and never go outside. It is good to go outside because if you play video games to much , you can damage your brain and eventually it will only remember how to play video games. Next thing you know you forget how to say your own name ,and that is why if a kid goes outside everyday he will know the definition of fun because after a couple of days of going outside, they will like going outside and want to go out more often. If you think about  it , we only learn and kids get bored easily, and need a little fun in our lives. So help kids get the right exercise and the correct definition of fun, LETS DO THIS, Together As A Team !!

11054640264_0a27b52ac3_z   flicker picture by:North Charleston

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