Something we accomplished this week was when Sammie and I figured out when we are doing this and there is no changing it. We reset our timeline and made sure both us were free on Fridays. We will be gluing the colored paper on the toilet paper rolls this weekend. After we will get ziploc bags and put a little craft inside of the bag. We will also make instruction ,if needed, to put in the bags as well.

I am very thrilled about doing this project but also overwhelmed because this week we have a lot to do. The stuff that I said we are doing in the first paragraph has to be finished by this Monday. Hopefully I will be able to do it with her. We will try our hardest and succeed in the future, but until then we have a lot of work. We will also be getting help from our parents who are like our mentors but they aren’t.

I am also feeling very excited because I can help someone while doing something we love at the same time, crafts. I also like hanging out with people that are older than me because they are nice, sweet, and sometimes likes little kids. I am hoping to have learned something and have an amazing experience while doing the Easter Crafts. I am also wondering if the senior citizens will have learned something and appreciate us after we do this. I am really excited and want to thank everybody involved in this ,including Ms. Ives and Ms.Croft.


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